You can receive money in Wise just like you would with a regular bank account. Just give Wise's bank details in the currency you want to receive money in to the person who wants to send you money.

Currently, you can receive deposits in your account in Australian dollars, British pounds, euros, Hungarian forints, New Zealand dollars, Polish złoty, Romanian leu (for EEA and Swiss residents only), Singapore dollars, Turkish lira, and US dollars (not available in all countries).

To receive foreign payments with Wise

  • Open a balance in the currency you wish to receive a deposit in. You can open funds on the website or in the app from the Home screen at Wise.
  • Click on Receive bank details in Wise
  • Important. In order for you to activate the first bank account, certain requirements must be met (e.g. your account must be fully verified).
  • Give these bank details to your business partners and customers and ask them to use them to transfer money to you.
  • You will receive payments to your Wise bank account directly to the corresponding currency balance in your account.

To learn more, please register with Wise and then navigate to the Wise Help Center.