1. Register with Wise

Wise will ask for your email address and you will set a password. You can also register by linking your Google or Facebook account.

Please note: If you already have a Wise account, simply click Home on the website and select Send Money, or tap Send in the app to create a transfer. 

2. Specify how much you want to transfer

You can specify how much you want to transfer or how much you want the recipient to receive.

Please note: If it is important that your recipient receives an exact amount, then type that amount into the Recipient Receives field. Wise will then automatically tell you how much to transfer.

3. Specify in Wise which type of transfer you want to make

Please specify if you are transferring money from a personal or corporate account.

4. Enter your data

Wise will ask for your information, such as company details and personal details. Wise needs this information to comply with regulations but does not share the data.

5. Tell Wise to whom you are transferring money

  • If you know the recipient's bank details, you can simply fill them in and Wise will transfer the money to that account
  • If you don't know the recipient's bank account details, you can simply enter the recipient's email address
  • If your recipient is registered with Wise, Wise may already know which account to transfer the money to

If your recipient does not have a Wise account, Wise will send an email to the recipient that can be used to enter the appropriate bank information.

6. Check the details of your transfer

Double-check that all the details of the transfer are correct. If you want, you can add a reference for your recipient.

7. Choose your transfer type and deposit method

In this step, Wise will show you all the fees for all options and how long it should take for the money to reach its destination.

Please note Most of the time the cheapest way to deposit money is by bank transfer. With this payment method, you will need to actively transfer the money to Wise's designated bank account through your online banking at Penta.

You can also use your Penta Visa card for the deposit. Deposits with a Visa card are usually faster than with other deposit methods.

To learn more, please register with Wise and then navigate to the Wise Help Center.